Russian video startup conducts an original competition

    Hello everybody! Relatively recently, we opened a video portal Movies . Next week we are holding a rather unusual contest, so I think someone will be interested to read about it. Well, for us, in fact, it will be interesting to hear your opinions about the contest and the site as a whole.

    So, the idea of ​​the contest is quite simple: users watch the video on the site and at a certain moment see a secret sign there (we have this star). Those who find all 5 stars receive prizes, the main of which is $ 1000. Of course, the appearance of a star is subject to the rules, which the participants must unravel.

    First you need to make a reservation that the competition does not take part in videos longer than 10 minutes in the "Adult" category. This is done so that anyone could take part and at the same time they would not be very bored. At the start of the contest, each participant is assigned about 70 videos, each of which has a star. That is, with a base of 7000 videos less than 10 minutes long, the user has a probability of about 1% to find a star. In total, during the competition of such stars, participants will have to find 5 pieces. This probability can be increased by inviting friends to the contest. Thus, the more friends the user attracted and the more videos he watches, the greater his chances of winning.

    When watching videos, users get tips. Firstly, the video itself tells them whether they are on the right track or not. If the length of the video being watched, its category, the upload date or the author matches, the user sees the inscription “Hot video” or “Very hot video”, which tells him in which direction to look further. Secondly, a hint can be obtained via SMS. Moreover, their number is limited, which allows you to connect to the competition at any stage, but does not just turn it into a prize purchase.

    The competition will begin on Thursday, July 28 at 10 am Moscow time. For those who are interested, a detailed text of the rules is here .

    Here we have such a contest. I hope that some of the startups will find it interesting and provide the basis for new ideas. From the very beginning, we decided that we were unlikely to conduct something like "Send us your video on the theme of winter." It's just boring, it seems to us. There is already an idea for the next contest, which will fully use the technology of viral video and which we will conduct, most likely in July. You also make your startups a pleasure, right?

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