Study of the activity of the Russian-speaking Internet population

    I am pretty closely involved with website development. When developing, you have to take into account the specifics of different OS and browsers. Faced with the fact that I do not know today's objective situation in this area. Such data would not be superfluous in my knowledge box. After wandering around the Internet for several days, the idea of ​​my own project on this topic was born. The idea is simple and primitive - you need to go to my page , which will automatically entail the collection of your data.
    I would be very grateful to the habrane population if you help to popularize this resource.

    I will make a reservation right away, the project is not commercial, no advertising, etc. not there, purely academic interest.

    Please treat this study as a social experiment, nothing more.
    The key point in this study is precisely the active Internet population, i.e. one that is capable of responding to "stimuli" in one way or another.

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