Computers of the Russian segment of the ISS

    "I wonder what kind of" Russian computers "are there? What are they like? What software, iron? It’s a pity, but we probably will never know ... ”- our putin habrocollegue asks in a comment on the topic about troubleshooting on the ISS .

    On the Structure of the computers of the Russian segment of the International Space Station and the complicated history of their creation in his interesting article on the site Cosmic World says Yuri Alexandrovich Tyapchenko (pictured), who led the creation of the computer systems for the spacecraft "Soyuz-TMA" and the International Space Station, and to This took part in the creation of information display systems for all domestic spacecraft.

    I can not help but give one quote here: “On the whole, the history of the creation of the SOI PKA Soyuz-TMA and ISS deserves a separate description, since it is dramatic and, at the same time, according to the author, typical in the transition from socialism to capitalism . It is typical in that leaders participate in it, who, on the one hand, understood that the process of transition to new forms of activity is inevitable, and on the other, they cannot fit into this process, they cannot reconcile with incompetence in science and technology, and inability to see their place in the new conditions and the other cannot be compensated by the authority given to them earlier by the Soviet and party authorities ... It can be said that, based on the experience gained, the well-known “principles of Peter” can and should be refined and supplemented. ”

    So, cheat keep in originalTwenty pages of the history of labor of Soviet and Russian engineers and designers - from Soyuz-7K, Soyuz-A8 spacecraft (Soyuz-Apollo program) and Salyut station to Soyuz-TMA and the ISS. Detailed specifications and illustrations.

    PS Actually, Comrade Putin should have reported all the details back in 2001, when he awarded participants in the creation and launch of the Zvezda service module under the International Space Station program with state awards of the Russian Federation .

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