Romir Monitoring: Runet inhabits 25 million Russians

    The Runet audience accounted for 22% of the total number of Russians aged 18+ in the first quarter of 2007, reports Romir Monitoring . This is about 25 million people. In the researcher’s report for the IV quarter of 2006, we recall that the Runet population was estimated at 21% of Russians, which is equivalent to 24 million people.

    A survey of 4870 people aged 18+ from 100 settlements in Russia showed that 19% of respondents use the Internet one or more times a week, and 8% use it daily. The largest group of Russian Internet users - 11% of the total population of the country - goes online at least once a week.

    According to the conclusion of Romir, for the quarter Runet most of all grew due to the North-West region. The leader in the number of users, as before, remains the Central region, in which - 23% of all Internet users.

    In Siberia, the proportion of users who are online every day has increased. In general, the daily Internet audience is higher in million-plus cities - Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, as well as in large cities with a population of 500 thousand or more. Respondents from less populated cities use the Internet much less frequently - usually several times a week. At the same time, the percentage of Internet users in the regions has not changed, when compared with the previous period.

    Estimating users by age, Romir notes the predominance of young people under 24 years of age - 51% of the entire Internet audience. The average age of the Russian Internet provider is 31 years (in the last quarter of 2006 - 33 years). The least active in the first three months of 2007 were people 35-44 years old - among them there were significantly fewer people who went online every day. The ratio of men and women during the reporting period remained unchanged - 25% of Russian men and 18% of women use the Internet.

    The most common access point to the Network is still the house (2/3 of respondents). 40% use it also at work. 13% go online with friends and acquaintances.

    As before, there are the most qualified specialists among Internet users.

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