The hypocritical policy of the Russian authorities.

    May 6 will be a ceremonial reburial of the remains of soldiers who were buried in a mass grave near the Leningradskoye Highway at the entrance to the NGO named after Lavochkin in Khimki near Moscow. This was announced on May 3 at a press conference by the deputy head of the Khimki city district, Evgeny Zaporozhets.

    The need for reburial, according to Zaporozhets, is due to the fact that after more than six decades, the mass grave was not located in the park and park, not in the memorial zone or cemetery, as the law prescribes, but in the industrial zone.

    Relatives of the military say they did not give their permission to rebury.

    And the center of Tallinn is, of course, a fitting place ...

    Dear land there, friends? Near the Leningrad highway, which they plan to expand?

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