North-West Telecom wants the whole St. Petersburg Internet access market

    NWTOn March 30, 2007, the St. Petersburg branch of North-West Telecom announced the introduction of a new tariff with an access speed of 56 Kbps (56 UP / 56 DOWN). It is possible to subscribe to this tariff plan until 05/31/2007, the monthly fee will be 250 rubles without the ability to use the “package offer” . Connection fee is 1 ruble.

    According to observers , with this tariff NWT plans to maximize its subscriber base before the annual meeting of shareholders and sharply strengthen the position of the ADSL Avangard project , under whose brand NWT promotes broadband Internet in the north-west of Russia relative to competing WebPlus and ROL projects. Also, this tariff, together with free USB modems, will dramatically reduce the proportion of Dial-Up connections in St. Petersburg.

    ADSL VanguardDespite the profitability of the proposal, one cannot fail to mention the problems of ADSL Vanguard customers. At the forums , the dissatisfaction of users with the inability to reach the company's help desk and as a result solve their individual issues with communication and line setup is growing . Some customers have been unable to contact the company's engineers for weeks. Formal formal replies most often come to electronic communications. In addition to the above problems of newly connected clients, there is a lack of the long-promised intra-network exchange at a speed of one megabit and the extreme underdevelopment of additional servicesprovided jointly with Netville . The introduction of Vanguard TV services is also delayed .


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