Yandex investigated retail in Runet

    The subject of the Yandex study released today is online retail in Russia ( PDF ). The data collected by the Yandex.Market service covers the period from February 2006 to February 2007.

    According to the study, the retail market in RuNet for the year grew by 42%, while in the West the same indicator amounted to 25%. As before, Muscovites come more often for online purchases - their share of conversions to online store sites is 61%.

    The number of players in this market over the year increased by almost half (by 47%). Most of them are businesses that offer equipment (+ 77%), building materials (+ 68%), gifts and flowers (+ 62%), books (+ 52%), children's goods (+ 49%). At the same time, buyers' interest grew most actively in the products of the Construction and Repair group (+ 30%). Computers, electronics, photo products, telephones, and household appliances are also in great demand. In addition, clothing and footwear, household goods, sporting goods, and building materials are increasingly becoming consumers' interests.

    The top ten brands that Internet users searched for in 2006 included mainly mobile phone manufacturers. In the top-10 vendors of Runet - manufacturers of household appliances and electronics. The top ten products on offer include expensive models of televisions and cameras.

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