All-Russian Mourning: The Beginning of the End (Part 1)

    Now the whole country is in mourning over the death of miners, residents of the nursing home and passengers of the TU-134 airliner.

    In fact, this is the moment when three incidents due to dilapidation coincided in time, which is most likely not accidental, but speaks of the coming wave of mass accidents and emergency.

    It is no secret that it is in our country that there is the Ministry of Emergencies - the Ministry of Emergencies. It was in our country that emergency situations became so normal that a special ministry was required.

    A wave of accidents began. Bridges will fall, go off the train rail, buildings collapse, weapons depots, etc., etc. will explode. The margin of safety given during the USSR ends.

    In Moscow, this is not as noticeable as in provincial cities. Yes, new shops are being built in them, houses for the rich, but bridges, railways (many branches are simply dismantled for scrap), ordinary houses - everything becomes worthless.

    And provincial hospitals are terrible! I wish never to get anyone there. If you have an accident and you have no relatives to buy blood, plasma and medicine, then you are a corpse. I saw it with my own eyes.

    I am writing because of the pain. It's hard to look at it. We are not pawns. An idea becomes omnipotent if it takes hold of the masses.

    Naturally, all this trouble is due to the government, which, instead of investing in improving the country's infrastructure, invests them

    1. in the purchase of pieces of paper (dollars and euros)
    2. the economy of foreign countries (by buying shares)
    3. into the pockets of oligarchs
    4. corrupt officials (about 30% of the Russian budget goes to kickbacks that officials receive)

    Officials justify themselves by saying that if you sell dollars and do something in rubles, then there will be big dollar inflation. But many still have money in dollars.

    I think that not many people have significant savings, especially in dollars. Just in this way, the government saves its own money and fulfills the will of the American comrades, being afraid to go into conflict with them.

    The justification is this: if dollars get cheaper, then our exports will become more expensive and they will buy less. The main export of Russia is oil and other natural resources.

    What is becoming less and less can become cheaper only if forced democratization is carried out (as was done with Iraq). In the meantime, the USSR-ovsky weapon did not fall apart, they will not do this to us.

    I have a principle that criticism should be constructive, i.e. carry the options and possible solutions to the problem.

    My suggestion about the stabilization fund is (I won’t talk about the oligarchs yet): I need to buy equipment for hospitals, build roads (even with Turkish hands), carry gas to villages, conduct Internet everywhere, buy computers for schools.

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