How many gadgets are in the Moscow subway?

    Nearly 10% of Moscow subway passengers are active users of mobile electronics, according to SmartMarketing researchers . Among them, the most among music lovers - 80.6%, being on the road, prefer to listen to music. In second place in terms of “community” are mobile gamers, of which 34.8%.

    It is curious that the SmartMarketing group conducted its research in the “field” conditions using the “intelligent observation” technique. According to Svetlana Zavyalova, marketing manager of the company, the advantage of the method over the traditional “active interviewing” is the ability to study the natural behavior of the consumer. The result is the identification of a number of unobvious trends. Thus, SmartMarketing experiments showed that a significant part of digital music lovers prefer to listen to it using mobile phones and smartphones.

    The study takes for granted the hypothesis of 100% penetration of cellular communications, but information on mobile phones is not presented in the report. As for other mobile devices, the predominance of audio players is established, which is 63% of the total volume of mobile electronics. 43% are smartphones, PDAs and smartphones (53.5%, 34.9% and 11.6%, respectively).

    The shares of portable game consoles, laptops, video players and e-books in the aggregate amounted to no more than 0.3%. According to Svetlana Zavyalova, the study debunkes the myth of the popularity of handheld game consoles. Regarding electronic books, she noted that for the most part people are still reading from handheld computers. The total amount of devices exceeded 100%, since passengers could have several gadgets at once.

    “An interesting fact is that the number of handheld computers exceeds the number of communicators,” the researchers note, linking this with the characteristics of the socio-demographic slice. The most popular brands of PDAs, smartphones and communicators are Nokia (23%), Sony Ericsson (16.3%), HP (16%), Eten (11.8%). Among the audio players, Apple iPod (11.3%), Creative (9.3%), Samsung (8.9%), iRiver (7.3%), NEXX (3.4%) are in demand. The group of game consoles recorded mainly Sony PSP (83%) and Nintendo DS (13%).

    At the same time, access to mobile Internet at stations and in subway trains is claimed by 0.18% of users. Video on the road on the screen of a mobile device is viewed by 1.3% of active "gadgets."

    It is reported that during the preparation of the study more than 380 hours of monitoring were carried out, during which about 13 thousand reliable observations were recorded. The total number of passengers, according to observers, was more than 130 thousand people.

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