Russian-language domains have become closer

    At the next meeting of the Board of the Coordination Center of the national domain of the Internet, issues of registering domain names with Cyrillic characters, improving the reliability of the registration system, as well as proposals for changing regulatory documents in connection with the implementation of the DRTP protocol were discussed.

    As a result of the discussion, the draft “Domain Name Registration Rules” was adopted , as well as the “Regulation on the Priority Registration of Russian-speaking Domain Names in the RU Domain” prepared by the working group. The documents will enter into force on the basis of a separate decision to start the registration of Cyrillic domain names. This decision can be made in the very near future.

    “The Regulation on the priority registration of Russian-speaking domain names in the RU domain” (document index RU-20) is an addition to the basic registration rules (RU-2). It is indicated that for each Russian-speaking domain name, information about the name itself, as well as its representation, is entered in the register. At the same time, on the root DNS servers of the .ru domain, the record is made not for the domain name itself, but for its presentation.

    Russian-speaking domain names can be registered in priority order for the two categories of users listed below.

    1. For owners of registered trademarks. They must provide a notarized copy of the trademark registration certificate.

    2. For the founders of the media registered with the Ministry of Printing. A notarized copy of the media registration certificate must be provided.

    A registered domain name, complete or excluding the end of “.ru”, must reproduce a word designation registered as a trademark or a media, namely, match the spelling if the word design is single-word, or match the spelling when deleting from it spaces or replacing spaces with hyphens if the verbal designation is verbose.

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