What is the cheese?

    So I'm starting to write for one of the strangest, but at the same time the most attractive sites on the vast expanses of the Web. Well, for Habrahabr that is, you understand, right? :) And I will start with a detailed answer to the article Milk and Eggs: smile, you are being bought! in the Mio column . Although it is possible (in our time, almost nothing can be guaranteed), I will answer my own thoughts, do not blame me.

    So, we observe a very interesting picture, which can be easily compared with the life of the wonderful English animals of lemmings. Every year they break away from their homes, throw their bleached houses, trimmed lawns and warm fireplaces (well, yes, I am not very familiar with the life of lemmings), enthusiastically rush to the ocean, dig into it and sail away in an unknown direction. No exhortations to the amazed public, no scientific theories ever forced them to change their habit.

    Similarly, today's investors, with the word “social” (even on its first syllable), reflexively begin to count notes, as if enchanted by the mantra “money should work!”. Everyone forgot to think about the bubble of the beginning of the decade, about the hundreds of millions of losses that the largest IT companies suffered. Venture companies see the success of projects such as Digg and Flickr, see how the centennial New York Times is already in full consultation with blogger Mike Arrington and want to understand what the cheese is? And, despite the fact that they still do not understand this, bundles of banknotes flow in a dense stream from their pockets into the pockets of the creators of popular “revolutionary” services. And from there, straight to the sellers of Ferrari and Corvette'ov.

    There are a hell of a lot of answers to this question about cheese, of course, but my opinion is. Without exception, all large companies will never be able to truly become “native” to users, they will never be able to understand them. They can give them money, show them exquisite design, become indistinguishable from today's generation homegrown idols. But the next day, all people will go somewhere else, because they earn money at work, and friends just talked about an interesting new thing that their friend came up with. Or a friend of their friend.

    The conclusions here are: gentlemen capitalists should abandon attempts to keep up with people who do not want to be caught up.

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