Moscow chooses Stream and services of local providers

    Company J'son & Partners has investigated the Moscow market "home" broadband access and witnessed the ADSL-provider leadership "Stream" ( "MTU-Intel") in most parts of Moscow. The second key result is the confirmation of the thesis about the extremely high fragmentation of the home network market. Half of the districts of Moscow have their own local providers, and they, and not major players like Comcor-TV , Corbina and Centela , are the main competitors of Stream in most areas of the city.

    According to J'son & Partners, in the spring of 2006, Stream ranked first in terms of the number of home users in 67 of 117 municipal districts. In 44 more districts, Stream is the second by these indicators, in 6 it is the third or fourth.

    The Komkor-TV provider, the only Moscow provider of cable TV network Internet access, with a relatively small amount of territory covered, managed to become a leader in most areas in which it operates. The provider has the first position in 8 districts of Moscow and another in 3 municipalities it is second after Stream.

    “Centel” is the leader in 7 districts of the city and in the second it is the second, that is, like the cable provider “Komkor-TV”, it focuses on individual areas and occupies a large market share there.

    The policy of Corbina is the opposite of Centel’s. Researchers say the company operates in many areas, but only three of them are leaders. But she has the second place after the Stream immediately in 7 districts, and in 11 Corbina in third place.

    “If we“ bracket ”the Stream and consider only cable operators (Ethernet or DOCSIS) building their own“ last mile ”networks, then most often Comcor-TV (11 districts), Corbin (10 districts) or Centel ( 9 districts), ”concludes J'son & Partners.

    Geographically, the leadership of the providers is distributed as follows: Stream is the first in all districts except Central AO and Zelenograd, while in most districts the provider is 3-7 ahead of the closest competitortime. In Central AO, Comcor-TV is in first place; Stream is slightly inferior to it. And in Zelenograd, the leader is the local operator Sins-Telecom.

    In the remaining districts, the second (after the Stream) place is occupied by MIG Telecom in the west, Corvette Telecom in the northwest, Ultranet in the north, Centel in the northeast, and Net- in the east buy-no ”, in the southeast“ Progress TVK ”, in the south“ Komkor-TV ”and in the south-west“ 2Kom ”.

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