Yandex.Direct - five years

    The interface for the independent placement of search advertising by keywords on Yandex was launched exactly five years ago: this happened on July 31, 2001. Direct ads were then paid for impressions, the fixed price was $ 20 per thousand impressions, recalls Yevgeny Lomize, department head advertising technology. There was no auction then, and all announcements simply rotated randomly. There wasn’t even geographical targeting. But the main thing is that the Yandex management had the right idea - the advertising turnover on the Internet will grow by small and medium-sized businesses, as this thesis has fully justified itself on the Western market. invented search keywords by keyword in 1997. This company was later renamedOverture and sold by Yahoo . In 2000, a similar Google AdWords program was launched, for which Google paid the inventors a heavy fine. A year later, Yandex, Russia's largest search site in Russia, copied a system of automated search advertising from its Western colleagues and began to use it successfully (there were no fines here). In Russia, however, all Western innovations were introduced very carefully: the auction system did not appear immediately, and advertising on partner sites has not yet been normally implemented and automated.

    Nevertheless, over five years Yandex.Direct has grown very significantly. Monthly traffic from links from ads has increased more than 1800 times, and the number of advertisers doubles annually. In June 2006, Yandex.Direct's turnover exceeded a million dollars a week.

    Every day, Yandex.Direct customers create over 1000 new ads with more than 10,000 keywords and set CPC bids about 80,000 times.

    Over time, Direct not only grew, but also grew wiser - it began to promote ads with a higher CTR, lowering its price for hitting a particular position, the first in Runet to offer free geo-targeting, and acquired auto-broker (a tool for optimizing click price, which provides ads the best possible position at the lowest price) and autofocus (the system of automatic keyword refinement is perhaps the only Yandex.Direct function that does not have a Western prototype).

    Now a group of ten developers is engaged in the support and development of Yandex.Direct (although most of them are working not only on Yandex.Direct). Four customer service representatives answer calls and letters from customers. The moderation of applications for advertising is carried out by four moderators. Two dozen account managers sell “Direct” (the “Carefree” tariff) only in Yandex sales departments (Russian and Ukrainian), and also a lot of advertising agencies throughout Russia. However, the bulk of revenue is still brought in by orders placed directly through the web interface by the advertisers themselves. These are people who themselves came, figured out everything themselves, did everything themselves. Especially for them on the birthday of "Direct" organized an action. All customers who pay for their ad on August 1, 2006 will receive a bonus of 20% of the payment.

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