Russian online stores certify by world standards in a year

    In September 2006, the National Association of Electronic Commerce Participants (NAUET) will begin to develop a certification program for Russian online stores. The program, which will be applied in about a year, will combine the achievements of Russian security experts in e-commerce , as well as the best practices of Trusted Shops , a company that certifies European online stores in order to protect consumer rights.

    The decision to create a program adapted to Russian realities was made at a working meeting of Trusted Shops representatives with leading Russian e-commerce companieswhich took place on July 27 at the Radisson SAS Slavic. It is due to the relevance of the topic of ensuring the security of Internet commerce in our country.

    During the meeting, top managers of Trusted Shops presented their own certification program for online stores, with more than 2,000 participants worldwide. NAUET, in turn, also made a presentation - Safeshopping was developed according to international standards, but taking into account the peculiarities of the Russian market.

    The result of the negotiations, as already mentioned, was the decision to create a unique certification program for Runet stores. The project is designed to increase consumer confidence in online shopping, increase the level and scale of Internet trading in Russia, and bring domestic players to the global e-commerce market.

    Anton Nikolsky, executive director of NAUET, said that the key problems that hinder the development of electronic commerce in Russia are the imperfection of the legal framework and the problem of trust on the part of e-commerce participants : buyers, suppliers, information intermediaries, and service providers. “For the development of electronic commerce, both companies and consumers must be sure that they operate in a safe, from a legal point of view, environment,” said Anton Nikolsky. - They need to know what responsibility they bear before their customers, with whom they conclude transactions, where national legislation is applicable.

    Ivan Glazachev, head of the Russian representative office of ChronoPay , draws attention to the fact that Russian e-commercebecoming more united: “Our foreign colleagues are surprised at how actively and together we defend the interests of our industry. This is a demand of time. ” In addition, Ivan Glazachev noted the willingness of foreign colleagues to provide support in resolving domestic issues of Russian Internet trading.

    With the adoption of a common certification program that is trusted by both private customers and representatives of the b2b segment worldwide, Russian e-commerce will easily enter the global market and occupy a significant niche there, said Jean-Marc Noel, CEO of Trusted Shops.

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