Yandex banner sold in a new way

    Where to look for the main Runet banner? Obviously, at its most rated venue - the main Yandex . Placing an ad module 728 × 90, occasionally appearing under a search box, is expensive. But the reach of the audience with such advertising is wide, this is beyond doubt. Yandex itself calls beautiful round numbers: the banner on the start page sees more than 5 million people a week, during which time advertising is shown more than 40 million times.

    Recently, Yandex and its selling agency IMHO VI announced a new sales scheme for the “main banner of the Russian Internet,” MediaRevolution reports .. Previously, this position was sold as “static” - there was one advertiser, whose banner was seen by any visitor to the search engine. “We intentionally do not overload our main page with advertising, because we do not believe that people who go to Yandex come to watch banners,” the company says. “Thus, our users receive convenient service, and advertisers receive an exclusive quality product.”

    However, recently the company's advertising policy has changed a little. Banner places did not increase - on the main portal, as before, only one place was reserved for advertising. The banner display model itself has evolved: now the ad will be broadcast dynamically. That is, on the main page of the search engine in the same position will be replaced by banners of several advertisers.

    But this time, apparently, few will be able to buy a place: Yandex continues to insist that a worthy advertising effect is achievable only with a large-scale campaign, and still sells advertising in bulk, based on the coverage category - when the advertiser decides to order advertising in the position in question, he will be offered to show it, for example, to 7 million people.

    According to MediaRevolution, such a model is close to the GRP television sales scheme .

    Habrahabr asked several questions on the topic to Alexei Tretyakov, Yandex Commercial Director.

    Why was it decided to sell "reach"? How can this model be defined?

    One of the advantages of Yandex as an advertising platform and, in particular, the advantage of its main page is its audience. It is important for us to provide customers with the opportunity to use it. For this, a new system has been developed.

    Strictly speaking, we do not sell “coverage” in its purest form. The sale is still a certain number of impressions. But now we give a forecast of coverage based on the data of our new delivery mechanism. And the customer sees what kind of audience he is buying.

    In principle, “coverage” (in such a review) was sold earlier - in particular, for static placements: when placed for a fixed term (for example, for a week), the advertiser received a forecast of the coverage based on the traffic statistics of this page in a commercial proposal.

    And the “novelty” of the implemented delivery system lies in the possibility of forecasting coverage for dynamic allocation, including with several campaigns running simultaneously.

    I note that, in addition to static placements, Yandex has long had the opportunity to limit the number of impressions of its banner to each specific visitor, which also allows you to optimize coverage.

    Why will the selected sales scheme be effective for the advertiser?

    There are two reasons:

    First - marketing: on the one hand, an advertiser interested in a large audience needs to be provided. And the new system allows you to do this for several simultaneously going client placements in the best possible way.

    The second is economic: when buying traffic in large volumes, the contact price becomes noticeably more affordable.

    Could advertising on Yandex be just as useful to a client if it would be possible to buy it in smaller quantities?

    By placing ads in small volumes, the client will not receive either coverage or simply noticeable results (imagine if you place an advertisement on TV with the condition of showing one video a day). Therefore, with the new scheme, we “discourage” customers from doing this (the minimum of the packages offered is 10% of the weekly traffic on the main Yandex; this is a fairly large offer, and with 40% traffic poke, the price is almost half that of the base cost of a thousand impressions).

    What do you think, for which category of advertisers will the model chosen by Yandex be effective?

    Advertising on the main page - for the largest companies. These are FMCG and mass premium products (for example, cars and banking services). Moreover, the new sales model is especially beneficial (from an economic point of view) for companies engaged in the promotion of several sub-brands or products at the same time.

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