About Russia

    I was born in Russia, I grew up in Russia, I live in Russia.
    I live in the largest country that exists. I live in a country with enormous natural reserves. I live in a great country. but why am I ashamed of my country? Why am I ashamed to be proud that I live in Russia? In a country where people have always been dissatisfied with the environment, where they will always blame someone (usually power) that everything is x * evo. Some dare to admit that “thanks” to them, life is so bad. But only a few are trying to change something. But time passes, the following time of year comes and these units come to terms with the environment and join the crowd with a grunt that everything is bad and that P. is to blame. fight for your country (and for yours?), but P.'s firm hand will stop them and send them again to the herd, which will continue to graze in the pasture of his country. we understand that one in the field is not a warrior, that only together we can change something in this country. Even “all together” must have L., a person who can control the crowd and direct it in the right direction. But L. is also a man and he also wants to have his own house, work, family, happiness ... or just live. Therefore, they can be led by P., maybe L. can appear, who will lead the masses on the road to stability and prosperity ...
    /to be continued.../

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