Webalta will promote itself with Altastat

    The Russian search engine Webalta has announced a partnership with Altastat , which will promote the search engine through affiliate programs.

    For site owners (including blogs), three collaboration programs will be offered. The Altalink program involves the placement of text links to Webalta search with payment for referrals of visitors of sites that hosted links to the search results. The Context program provides the placement of contextual advertising of the Optimist system on the sites of program participants with payment for visitors to the sites of advertisers working with the Webalta contextual advertising system. The Referalta program aims to attract new members to the Altastat system itself.

    The main difference from other players in the online advertising market in the company is their liberal attitude to partners: sites hosted on free hosting will be allowed to participate in advertising programs, the webmaster is not required to provide statistics on the attendance of his resource and remove competitors' ads from its pages .

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