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    About how simple workers of Google, Yahoo and Microsoft live, there is plenty of information on the network. The situation with Russian IT companies is more complicated: they are often not so open to the public eye, although potential employees and just curious people may be interested to know “what is inside”.

    Yandex is one of the leaders of habrarating companies , and few will dare to challenge its leadership in RuNet. The building where people work, thanks to which “there is everything,” I visited at the end of last week.

    The Moscow office of the company is located in the "house on Samokatnaya" ( Samokatnaya St., Building 1, Building 21), a few steps from Yauza Park named after May 1, two churches and the Crystal plant (admittedly, the place was chosen successfully). From the Kurskaya metro station, all employees and visitors are brought to the office by a pleasant Ford minibus. It is pleasant because it’s free, it runs on a schedule - once every 15 minutes and literally takes it to the door of the building (which was especially important this February). And by the way, almost never he rides empty.

    The fact that a person is now in the office building of Yandex, says the inscription "There is everything" on automatically opening glass doors. In the lobby behind the corporate counter, three projectors show how the company lives: the first displays the current search queries passing through Yandex sites (of course, not all, otherwise the viewer could not keep track of them), the second - frames from company history, and on the third - information from some services (Weather, Traffic, etc.). Visitors are given special badges with the inscription "I am a guest." According to bobuk Bobuk, this was done on purpose: “People come without badges, and then laptops disappear. Laptops, of course, are found over time, but the sediment remains. ”

    Entrance to the Yandex building.  Photo courtesy of the press service of the companyYandex building: foyer.  Photo courtesy of the press service of the company

    Yandex Building: Foyer

    Bobuk and his status message

    Beautiful photographs hang on the stairs between the floors. These really beautiful photographs were created by company employees, and you can even buy them if you work at Yandex: about once a month they are sold at auction, and the proceeds are sent for charitable purposes. In total, the building has 3 floors and a dining room (for convenience, you can designate the floor on which it is located, zero). Such interiors await visitors on the “working” floors: “Development floor” is dominated by men: Employees can ask themselves for a laptop that they like best. Those who have chosen Apple products have already organized an internal electronic mailing list in which they help each other find the programs they need - and just chat:

    Yandex building: photo exhibition

    Yandex building: photo exhibition

    Yandex building: working floors

    Yandex building: working floors

    Yandex building: working floors

    Yandex building: working floors

    Yandex building: working floors

    Yandex building: development floor


    Laptops are used no less actively than desktop computers. On many tables, these two appliances often stand side by side. And thanks to wi-fi, you can work with a laptop everywhere - even on the stairs, even in the smoking room, even on the street. Free Yandex.Wi-Fi is running in the building, so everyone can come to visit with their portable devices.

    By the way, some people want to use this advantage for other purposes: one entrepreneurial citizen for some time actively used wi-fi, sitting in his car, parked on the banks of the Yauza River, and sending spam. After a while he was figured out, went to the car and said "ah-ah-ah"; since then there have been no such incidents.

    Meeting rooms are one of the most original rooms in the building. The most noteworthy are the neighboring "GDR" and "Germany":

    Yandex House: GDR and Germany

    Yandex House: GDR

    Their peculiarity is that in fact this is one room, divided by the Berlin Wall, which is pushed to the side when the magic button is pressed. Germany has game consoles and a projector, so employees can devote their free time to “virtual boxing” or other games.

    In addition to regular chairs, interesting “devices” are installed in smoking rooms : As Bobuk explained, developers, despite having chairs, prefer to settle on the floor. This habit does not lend itself to logical explanation, and the office did not begin to deal with it by installing these seats. In the relaxation room you can find darts, air hockey and hookah. And in the kitchenettes on the floors there are coffee machines that are "poured for money":

    Yandex House: smoking room

    Yandex House: kitchenette

    In addition to the smoking room and lounges, free time can be spent in the library. This cozy room is literally created for relaxation, because, in addition to books, there is always soundproofing and sometimes a fruit basket. Of course, you need to eat in the dining room: free meals are provided to employees. You can choose your own lunch: both the first and second are presented in several versions (I managed to try only one option - Mexican soup and vegetables: delicious!). As an answer to the question “A compote?” On all tables are packages of juice. You can enjoy your appetite by playing billiards or table tennis: a room with these games is located next to the dining room. By the way, there is a massage chair and shower nearby.

    Yandex House: libraryYandex House: library, window view

    Yandex House: library

    Yandex House: dining room

    Yandex House: dining room

    Yandex House: dining room.  Photo courtesy of Yandex press service

    I did not succeed in getting to know all Yandex employees living in Habré. In general, catching all employees on the spot at the same time is absolutely unrealistic, because the company has a free schedule. Among workers there are also those who come to work in the evening, and go to bed in the morning. Thus, both “owls” and “larks” can feel absolutely comfortable. Although it is noticed that the largest number of people appears in their places at 12-13 o’clock: it is at this time that lunch begins in the dining room.

    The Yandex office leaves a good impression on itself. By how it is equipped, you can judge the attitude of the company to its employees. It is worth recognizing that this attitude is very good. Let's try to compare: wait for new reports!

    Thank you for arranging a bobuk reportGrigory Bakunov and the press service of the company. Thanks to stepp for technical support.

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