Half OASIS in Moscow

    It happened! Noel Gallagher and Gem will perform in Moscow on March 23 this year at the B1 club (www.b1club.ru).

    I couldn’t think of such a thing before, that the group that collects the stadiums, where tickets fly in a couple of hours, I’m not afraid of this word, one of the best groups in the world someday will be with us in Russia.
    Yes, not the whole group arrives, but only Liam’s brother Noel, who has already visited not one country and city with his solo tour. And not because he decided to leave, no.

    From my currents of view, it so happened that the group, which is considered in England as the new Beatles, is somehow not very popular in our country. And either someone knows about her at all, or they say that they heard something, and those who know didn’t sleep at all yesterday, having learned this news, which was also confirmed on their official website!
    We were just in shock, to be honest :)

    And so. March 23, 2007. at Club B1, Noel Gallagher and Gem.

    Tickets can be ordered here
    www.concert.ru/Order.aspx?ActionID=1946 The

    number of tickets is approximately 3,000, but only 1,000 are sold so far, and in a day read 200pcs. already booked, including me.

    Those who understand that this is an event of the year for him should not miss this. If after that OASIS will play in full force with us ... (there are simply no words).

    And Liam is a bastard, he could have stopped by :)

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