Favorite games of Russian IT bosses

    Recently an interesting blitz-poll among leading Russian top managers was published in print. The following questions were asked:
    - Do you play computer games? If so, which ones? If not, why?

    Evgeny Butman, Apple IMC Russia CEO :
    Sometimes I play strategies such as Civilization, Ages of Empires, Ages of Mythology. Games help me focus and relax.

    Alexey Kuzovkin, General Director of RBC SOFT :
    I used to play, now I don’t - it's a pity time. At first I liked Wolfenstein, then Civilization and Warcraft.

    Birger Sten, Head of Microsoft Office in Russia and the CIS :
    I myself prefer playing online versions of chess. And together with the children - I have three of them: nine-year-old and four-year-old daughters and a seven-year-old son - we play many educational games. I believe that computer games, when used sensibly, are of great benefit to children. Talking with a child psychologist once, I was surprised to learn that games that train coordination between eyes and hands are especially useful for boys. In addition to computer games, we are fond of games on mobile devices. We play the “younger” version of Star Wars on the Xbox. The eldest daughter is engaged in tennis - we play computer tennis together. The game allows her to see the picture of the tennis field as a whole, and not just to observe the flight of the ball, as it happens in life. At the same time, I do not allow children to spend more than 1 hour 40 minutes a day playing computer games.

    Boris Shcherbakov, Oracle Vice President, Oracle CIS CEO :
    I don’t play: it’s not interesting, and there is no time. I love games in which you have to interact with a living person, where there is competition, a share of luck. Among computer games, I have not seen such. For me in the game, communication is more important than winning.

    Jean-Paul Bergmans, President of Sun Microsystems in the SSE Region and Head of Representative Office in the CIS :
    I play helicopter flight simulator, because my hobby is helicopter piloting. I play when there is no way to practice “live” in order not to lose qualifications.

    I thank the editorial board of CNews magazine represented by Maxim Cossack for permission to reprint this material.

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