"Runner", "Rambler" and "Yandex" evaluated the contextual advertising market

    Recently, many different experts have been trying to evaluate the contextual advertising market. In order to finally clarify the figures, three companies gave their assessment of the market.

    According to the analytical services of Begun, Rambler and Yandex, the contextual advertising market turnover in 2006 amounted to $ 110 million. Compared to 2005 (turnover - $ 45), this market has grown almost two and a half times.
    Turnover of display advertising in 2006, according to AKAR, amounted to $ 100 million, showing a 1.6-fold increase compared to 2005. Thus, for the first time in the history of the Internet in Russia, contextual advertising not only surpassed the media in terms of growth rates, but also in absolute value, and the market as a whole surpassed the $ 200 million mark.

    Official press release of companies

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