Blog monetization - big bred

    Monetizing blogs is one big deal, first of all for advertisers, and secondly for bloggers themselves. This is not about stand-alone blogs, but blogging communities like LJ, my circle, LI, etc.

    Why bred for advertisers?

    I note right away, we are talking about adsense and other pay-per-click systems, because Display advertising is less prone to this flaw. Because blogging communities are ideal click clubs. I click on the advertising in the blogs of my friends, I have them, and so it’s easy to provide a CTR of at least 10% and at least $ 50 earnings per day. Bloggers are happy, the ad network is happy. Only advertisers can be dissatisfied, but most are simply not aware that this happens, and few can normally control exactly where his ads are displayed.

    Now this easy money is complicated by the fact that each participant requires a sufficiently noticeable effort to enter the system. Those. at a minimum, he needs to register himself in the ad network. But conversations around monetization lead her in the quite expected direction, where blog hosting becomes an advertising aggregator of its users and acts as an advertising agency for them. After that, to include in your click club all your friends becomes elementary. Habr is moving in this direction, and it seems that Mykrug is going there too.

    Stand-alone bloggers have already fully mastered this technology. As expected, first American, then ours. And there, and with us it has a pleasant appearance. There are more cynical calls “if you liked the material, click on our sponsors”, we have a benevolent donation “read your text, liked it, clicked on the advertisement”. I have never met Click clubs in their pure form or even heard, there is simply an unspoken rule of good tone "you to me, I to you", it’s like with karma on Habré.

    And what about Google? Perhaps such a situation would suit him, at least initially - it is necessary to somehow successfully conquer the Russian segment.

    Why bred for bloggers?

    Because 99% of bloggers will be able to earn $ 1 per month if they write in their usual mode, and $ 2 per month if they spend 10 times more time on their blog. Spend the time that they could spend with greater benefit for themselves, doing either something pleasant, or working at least as a janitor. But the ghost of the golden calf monetization of blogs will beckon them and force them to write, write, write, read, comment, PR ...

    And in the end the advertising agency and blog host will take off the cream. In some ways, this is similar to those very gambling games, where the one who wins does this at the expense of losing others, but the main money goes to the organizer of the games. Only here, instead of pure money, bloggers spend it indirectly, in the form of their time.

    Moreover, the blog host and advertising agency benefit most from both types of razvodilova. It is not surprising that they will actively promote the idea of ​​blog monetization to the masses, warming up their culture medium.

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