December 31, Google and Yandex went nose to nose

    SpyLOG built curious graphs on New Year's Eve, reflecting the traffic data of the popular search sites on the Runet. Starting from December 25, the share of conversions from Yandex (blue) began to gradually decrease, and with Google (red) it steadily increased. This continued until December 31, the day that was marked by almost a “head-on collision” between the two search engines, when their traffic indicators almost converged at one point. After the 31st, judging by the schedule, the reverse process began, and Yandex and Google reached their usual marks.

    Comment on seoNewsSergey Kedrov, head of the research department at SpyLOG, noted that the relative data are presented on the chart, while the absolute ones look slightly different. The fall in Yandex, he explains the departure of his audience for the winter holidays.

    “On holidays in Russia there is no activity not only on the Internet, but also offline,” said Mikhail Ushakov, head of the Yandex press service, “look, for example, at traffic congestion on Yandex.Traffic. The absolute number of transitions on December 31 fell for all search engines - this is clearly seen in similar statistics Liveinternet". In his opinion, it will be possible to talk about some trends by the end of next week, when most Russian users will return for their computers. But western traffic, according to Ushakov, always grows on weekends and holidays.

    According to Liveinternet, the share of conversions from Google rose on December 31 to 25.4% from an average of 19.1%.

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