The contest for the best Russian photo blog has begun

    Together, the Russian Photoblogs and Simple Tricks websites launched the project “The Best Russian Photoblog”. Registration of participants began yesterday, January 9, the debriefing will last from January 21 to 24, and the announcement of the results will take place on January 25, on Tatyana’s day.

    All photo blogs located on a separate domain name of the second or third level, registered in the .RU zone, located on a Russian hosting or Russian-speaking (photo-blogs of Russian-speaking authors, including those living outside Russia), entered into the Photoblogs directory, are automatically allowed to participate in the competition. org and When giving ratings, not only the skill of the photographer, but also the design of the site (design) and functionality are taken into account.

    Contest organizers urge to add worthy photographers to the list of participants. You can do this on .

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