Google will teach Russians to advertise in AdWords

    Google launches the Google Advertising Professionals program in Russian . This is a set of tools and resources for webmasters, as well as search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization professionals. Designed to help organizations and individuals, it’s designed to educate them on how to manage multiple AdWords accounts more effectively. This, in turn, will help make the business more profitable, says Google in a press release.

    The Google Advertising Professionals program offers a two-tier qualification system: Qualified User and Qualified Company. Statuses are assigned depending on the experience of using the product and the experience of managing client accounts. Certified User is a private individual who has proven their ability to manage multiple AdWords accounts well. An “advertising company” can be an advertising agency or a website promotion company - it’s enough to prove your competence by demonstrating the effective management of client advertising campaigns.

    The participants of the program who have passed certification receive these advantages:

    - “My Client Center” A set of powerful tools for managing multiple AdWords accounts.

    - The logo of a certified professional that can be used on the company's website. To obtain it, you must successfully pass the exam, as well as meet the requirements for the holder of the status of Google Advertising Professionals.

    - Ability to improve AdWords knowledge at the Learning Center.

    “Google Advertising Professionals is the first Google advertising program of its kind,” the press release said, “it reflects the company's desire to provide customers with tools and resources that will help increase the return on contextual advertising for AdWords. With the Google Advertising Professionals program, advertisers can get the help they need and expand their experience. ”

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