"Business" did not sell - the buyer left

    Rodionova Publishing House refused to buy the Business newspaper , owned by the Secret of the Publishing House , Vedomosti reports . According to Alexei Volin, President of Rodionov Publishing House, partners from the Secret of the Company were unable to provide independent audit data on the publication’s economics. “And these figures on the expected amount of advertising collection - $ 2.5 million - did not find confirmation from independent experts,” said Volin. “In addition, they did not provide us with a single advertising payment and did not extend the contract with the printing house for 2007.”

    Recall that the Secret of the Company Publishing House was recently bought by businessman Alisher Usmanov, who owns the Kommersan Publishing House. Since “Business” automatically remains in the assets of its previous owner, the question arises about the structure of the transaction for the merger of “Kommersant” and “Company Secret”. “But Kommersant does not need Business,” the newspaper notes.

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