"Vedomosti" put the "backing"

    A new advertising format has appeared on the website of the Vedomosti newspaper - the “backing”. It is a static banner, which is displayed as a background image while loading the main page. After a few seconds, the muted advertising background is completely hidden.

    “Substrate” uses a natural delay in loading large pages with tables caused by software features, the newspaper notes. This fundamentally distinguishes her from annoying rich-media advertising. Among the other advantages of the format is its novelty, as well as the significant size of the displayed image, which is difficult to go unnoticed.

    The disadvantages of the "substrate" are its testers the inability to click on the banner, which limits the use of the format in promotions aimed at attracting users to a particular site.

    So far, Vedomosti is conducting a series of test placements, but in the near future they will be ready to offer this type of advertising to all advertisers.

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