Mail.Ru bought Russian cards from CJSC Resident

    A new service has appeared on the Mail.Ru portal - interactive geographical maps. As part of the Map.Mail.Ru service, users can search for a building located at a specific address or search for the desired type of object in a particular area.

    At the moment, the project presents detailed maps of Moscow, the Moscow region, St. Petersburg and Russia. In city maps, there is numbering by house with the ability to search by address. There are also “thematic layers” on which, at the user's choice, bars, restaurants, cinemas, museums, clinics, stadiums and other objects are displayed.

    Unfortunately, there are no familiar Google Mapssatellite imagery. From a technical point of view, the web application works an order of magnitude worse than Google Maps: there is no dragging and dropping the map with the mouse, there are no absolute coordinates in the URI, there is no preloading of content in the background, even the program interfaces for accessing the maps have not yet been published.

    The supplier of cartographic materials and software for the project is CJSC Resident , which since 1993 has specialized in the field of geographic information systems.

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