MegaFon-Moscow Computed and Awarded Traffic Eaters

    Sonic Duo mobile operator ( MegaFon-Moscow ) presented valuable prizes to record-breaking subscribers in terms of the volume of services consumed.

    The most sociable subscriber was a Muscovite named Olga, who in January-July this year spoke over 25 thousand minutes on her mobile phone. Moreover, according to Prime-Tass , the average duration of a conversation per subscriber per month (MOU) for the MegaFon-Moscow network is about 400 minutes. For the record holder, this value is about 3.5 thousand minutes.

    A record was also recorded in the volume of mobile calls in roaming, which belongs to a manager named Andrey - the total duration of his calls in other cities and countries for 7 months of 2006 exceeded 6.5 thousand minutes.

    The record holder sent SMS about 15 thousand short messages for January-July this year.

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