Axel Springer Russia denies rumors about launching tabloids

    Axel Springer Russia Publishing House has officially denied rumors of plans to launch tabloids in Russia, according to the company's website. In particular, the publishing house refutes the information given by Gazeta.Ru on August 5 about the upcoming release of several new newspapers, the first of which will be yellow - this was at the beginning of Axel Springer's expansion in Poland, where the production of publishing houses now occupies 44% of the market.

    “We do not plan to release tabloids in Russia and, moreover, do not know about any Polish scenario, like Axel Springer’s expansion strategy on the Russian market,” says Axel Springer Russia CEO Ms. Regina von Fleming.

    An article in Gazeta.Ru also said that Axel Springer’s activity was worried about Russky Newsweek.“Recently, the editorial board of the magazine, its editor-in-chief Leonid Parfyonov, told his colleagues that the Polish Newsweek was seriously sagging due to the daily newspaper launched by AS.” A statement on the ID website refutes this information: “Leonid Parfyonov, editor-in-chief of the Russian Newsweek magazine, is indignant at the publication of such rumors and his name’s speculation in this connection:“ It is unfortunate that  does not always follow the professional principles of journalism ”” .

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