Yandex Blog Search Released from Beta

    Yandex has launched a new version of blog search . Now, in order to find out what is happening on the Internet, just go to the main page of the site, where the blogosphere indicators are presented: “hot” topics, popular blogs and blog hosting services. The completeness of the search is also ensured: in total, the search base contains about half a million Russian-language blogs.

    “Searching Yandex blogs is a tool for navigating public opinion on the Internet,” said Roman Ivanov, head of the service. - The service was opened a little over a year ago in beta testing, during which we ensured the speed and completeness of the search and were convinced of its relevance by a wide audience. Considering the social importance that blogs have for many network users, today we put a link from the main page of the portal and from all Yandex search pages, thereby recognizing the equality of this service with information services such as News or Dictionaries.

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