Research of preferences of users of mobile applications in accordance with age

    The word “customer orientation” is often mentioned in content on websites, and the concept as a whole has become a prerequisite in the service industry. For top companies, customer orientation is not an empty sound, but a well thought-out strategy.
    Big names, such as Uber and Airbnb, laid the basis for satisfying the needs of the target audience.
    How to achieve this level or at least stand out for a mobile application in the face of tremendous competition (about 4 million applications are downloaded and bought daily at app stores)? It is necessary to do “conveniently” to your audience.
    In a recent study, App Annie identified 3 age categories of users with mobile technology. Let's use the presented analytics to better know your target audience.

    How people used mobile apps in 2015

    From 2014 to 2015, the average daily time spent by users in applications increased by 40% (Android smartphones). This is due to the large selection and affordable price of smartphones on Android.
    The number of daily sessions during this period increased by 30%, the length of the session - by 10%, and the volume of data consumed - by 85%.
    The younger age group uses smartphones the most. Teenagers from 13 years old and young people up to 24 years old spent 75% more time in applications and consumed 3.5 times more data than the 45+ audience in 2015.
    Consumers of all age categories spend most of their lives in mobile applications, but the younger age group is more active than others.

    Older users (45+)

    The graph shows that users 45+ are lagging behind the rest of the age groups in all the main parameters of data consumption, except for the duration of the session.

    Older users are more likely to use applications that are similar in functionality to desktop programs.
    Sessions in the app last 25% longer.
    Prefer email applications and less than others use messengers.
    Spend a lot of time in mobile browsers.

    Tips for interacting with the age group of 45+

    Use the experience of group 45+ interaction with computers and laptops to draw their attention to your application.
    Choose the right advertising channels (email, search and contextual advertising).
    Let's get useful content to increase engagement and frequency of visits.

    Younger age group of users (from 13 to 24 years)

    Younger users (from 13 to 24 years old) perform 2 times more daily sessions in applications than any other age group. For them, mobile technology is an integral part of life. This age group is growing, achieving professional success, its impact on the economy and the development of mobile technologies is also increasing.
    Facebook has already adjusted to their requests, planning a global expansion of B2C, mobile commerce and product development for WhatsApp and Facebook messengers. And in the Asian markets, messaging platforms like KakaoTalk and WeChat currently dominate.

    Young users willingly use services from mobile devices.
    Access applications frequently, but in short sessions.
    They do not like email applications, preferring instant messengers.
    Willingly watching the video.

    Users from 13 to 24 years old spent in 5 popular streaming video applications twice as long as the age group of 45+.

    Tips for interacting with the age group from 13 to 24 years

    Make sure you use the correct channels of communication.
    In advertising, instant messengers and social networks will be effective, not email.
    Pay attention to video advertising.
    In the development of mobile applications, keep in mind that young users visit applications frequently, but in short sessions: minimize obstacles and explanations that artificially extend the session.
    Your ad has little time - it should be bright.
    Easy adoption of innovations makes the young audience an ideal consumer of services, but the constant desire for novelty complicates the task of retaining it.

    Users from 25 to 44 years old (middle age group)

    The age group from 25 to 44 years is the golden mean in the use of applications.

    In short:
    Prefer retail apps.
    The ideal consumer segment for business and advertising in the mobile retail industry.
    The age group achieves a balance between efficiency and comfort in using mobile services.

    Tips for interacting with the age group from 25 to 44 years

    Use push notifications to report discounts and loyalty programs.
    Effective advertising channels will be both e-mail and social networks.
    Make your applications convenient for viewing products and services.

    Summing up

    Differences in the behavior of users of 3 age groups - the key to understanding their motivation. Using these features, consider a strategy for interacting with them. Focus on the audience, and your mobile application is sure to attract attention.

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