Personalized search engine

    Yandex has the opportunity - "advanced search". Where you can, by setting various parameters, focus your request in order to increase your chances of success finding what is required. But!

    I used it, twisted the settings, found what I needed, left - and! everything must be done anew if you return. Neither use it again, nor show people. However, a significant plus: the entire Yandex database.

    On the other hand, there is such a service as a personal search engine from Novoteka. Where you can use pens to specify sites among which only searches will be carried out. Chip: this personal search engine can be used by anyone who wants it, it is a kind of independent phenomenon. Difficulties: firstly, it is still beta, and secondly, the required sites should already be known.

    There is a logical dreamy desire: but Yandex would allow me, my customized page "advanced search", to present in the form of my personal search engine for general use. And, if you go even further, it would be a good opportunity to add your ranking fields and use such a personal Yandex!

    I’m talking about Yandex only because ... because I say :)

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