Alastian Basell online store begins selling polyolefins in Russia and Poland

    Basell's online store selling polyolefins - Alastian - is launching operations in Russia.

    Using the Russian-language version of the Alastian website, buyers in Russia will be able to find out prices, agree on the type of transportation and the place of delivery of the polymers.

    As explained by Just Int Welt, Alastian’s head of development and marketing, the online store will offer polyethylene and polypropylene to Russian consumers with all the benefits of an online business.

    Two weeks after Alastian’s work in Russia is established, a similar service will open in Poland.

    Customers from both countries will be supplied with products from the Polish Plock plant, owned by BOP, a joint venture of Basell with a Polish company.

    Interestingly, Alastian also has a blog

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