Leading Internet companies will hold a seminar in St. Petersburg September 18-22

    Dmitry Chistov (" Runner "), Yuri Kushnerov ( CLX.RU ), Philip Kulin and other specialists will hold a five-day seminar on Internet marketing. Among the stated topics: online advertising, network PR, search engine promotion, affiliate marketing, as well as the assessment of investments in Internet projects. The event ( www.emarka.ru ) is organized by TsSTI "Progress" .
    The volume of the online advertising market is growing at a tremendous pace. Leading positions are companies actively working on the Internet. The site now is not an electronic booklet (as it was several years ago), but a working tool that clearly “discourages” the costs of its creation and support (not only technical, but also advertising).
    But, like in every field of activity, Internet marketing has its own professional subtleties. How to make your online advertising campaign a success. How to get to the first lines of search engines for popular queries. How to correctly use PR tools on the Internet. How to increase your sales using affiliate marketing. How to calculate a business plan for an Internet project. All these questions will be answered by the teachers of the seminar "Internet and search marketing" September 18-22. A seminar of similar subjects is held by TsSTI Progress for the first time. However, plans to hold an all-Russian conference.
    “I'm going to talk about web usability. Now this market segment is imperceptibly, but growing very fast and will very soon become one of the key issues in maintaining a constant audience, ”commented Leonid Rumyantsev, director general of the Yuzibilist.ru studio .
    “The E-target, RIF and CIB conferences are rather party events, and real knowledge can be obtained, in my opinion, at such seminars,” summarizes the seminar’s PR manager Sergey Rudnyaev . Special thanks to Nikita Demidov for the development of seminar advertising banners.

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