Who is faster in Russia?

    Experts of the Radio Frequency Center of the Russian Federation have identified the operator with the highest mobile Internet speed

    MTS - the leader in mobile Internet speed in Russia. Such a conclusion was made by experts of the Radio Frequency Center of the Central Federal District, writes "RBC". Rating of mobile connection speed operators was presented by the deputy general director of the center Dmitry Mitrofanov. He also reported that the study was conducted in 52 cities of the country, with a change in the speed of data transmission to the subscriber.

    As it turned out, the average subscriber connection speed at MTS is 6.6 Mbit / s. In second place - “Megaphone” with a speed of 5.6 Mbit / s. In the third place, the experts placed Vimpelcom (Beeline brand), the throughput rate of the mobile channel of this operator is 5.2 Mbit / s. In the fourth place of the Tele2 rating with an average data transfer rate of 4.8 Mbit / s. And the fifth place is occupied by the Crimean operator “K-Telecom” (brand Win Mobile) with a communication channel bandwidth of 2 Mbit / s.

    The radio frequency center has been measuring the speed of the mobile Internet since 2015. Dmitry Mitrofanov argues that during this time the quality of communication has become much better. For example, in Moscow, the speed of data transmission over mobile channels has doubled - from 3.2 to 6.1 Mbit / s. The reason is natural - the increase in the number of base stations for transmitting a signal using LTE (4G) technology. Over the same time, the number of such stations in Russia increased by 109% to 72 thousand. The maximum number of LTE stations at MTS is 27 thousand. Megafon has almost the same number - 26 thousand, VimpelCom - 11 thousand and Tele 2 - about 4 thousand.

    Interestingly, Tele2 is the leader in data transfer rates in Moscow. Let me remind you that this company entered the capital market in October last year. Then comes MTS and VimpelCom, and MegaFon has the last place in the capital.

    Only the MTS company agreed with the results of the research of the center. “The company leads both in the number of 4G base stations and in the coverage area — our fourth-generation networks are running in all regions of operation,” said operator spokesman Dmitry Solodovnikov.

    Other telecom operators provided the results of their own measurements. Representatives of MegaFon stated that the average speed of mobile 3G Internet in the company's network is 7.6 Mbit / s, 4G - 20 Mbit / s. According to a company representative, Julia Dorokhina, Megafon takes measurements every day. VimpelCom also stated that the speed of mobile Internet in the company's network is higher than stated by the Radio Frequency Center.

    The differences in the results of measurements of the center and the operators themselves were explained by the general director of the analytical agency TelecomDaily Denis Kuskov. He says that measurements of the Radio Frequency Center were carried out on all types of communication, including GPRS. Therefore, the averaged result is shown lower than the results of the measurement of “pure” 3G and 4G. According to the expert, the average speed of the Internet 3G in Russia is about 5 Mbit / s, 4G - 10-12 Mbit / s.

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