"Yandex" again indexed documents Google Docs

    One of the tables, which fell into the issue. Probably, “Yandex” indexed the document of some recruiting agency. The

    search engine “Yandex” again indexed the documents of Google Docs users who were not password protected. If you have opened access for a document to anyone who has a link, and sent this link to one person, then keep in mind - this link may become known to Yandex, and that will make your “private” document searchable.

    Both text documents and spreadsheets have opened for the search. Most of them do not look like some kind of secret. Perhaps most of them are really open to the public. Examples of search queries: documents with passwords , kickbacks , salary .

    Yandex doesn’t see anything unusual in what happened: “The documents in question are referenced on the Internet. The documents themselves are not prohibited for indexing, - said the press service. - There are no indications that our systems tag Google Docs as available on the Web incorrectly. Search engines should index only those documents that were intentionally published and marked as accessible to everyone on the Internet. ”

    A similar case occurred in early July, when the MDK public administrators noticed the problem . Then the readers began to promptly edit other people's documents .

    Then, many users complained to Yandex technical support, and the search engine for some time denied access to the search for Google documents, RBC writes.

    Group IB security experts recommend that in this situation, all users of Google Docs and Google Drive services password protect documents that they put in cloud storage.

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