"Google tax" brought the budget of the Russian Federation more than 2 billion rubles

    Source: gazeta.ru

    Today it became known that the tax authorities of Russia received tax declarations on VAT from foreign companies in the amount of about 2 billion rubles. According to Vedomosti, a total of 111 foreign companies have registered with the Federal Tax Service. To those companies that for some reason have not sent a declaration, the FTS will send notifications on the need to provide these documents.

    “Companies that have not managed to submit declarations through the“ Personal Account ”will be notified of the need to submit a tax return, the FTS informs. Even if the company did not perform operations on the territory of Russia, but is registered with the tax authority, the obligation to submit “zero” tax declarations for it remains, ”the FTS said.

    Among other companies, Apple Distribution International, Google Commerce Ltd, Microsoft Ireland, Netflix International BV and Wargaming Group Ltd, Bloomberg, Financial Times, Facebook Inc. are registered with the FTS. and some other companies, including Chelsea Football Club. As for the club, he is registered as a distributor of video content.

    Currently, FTS employees are busy checking payments to the appropriate accounts by the companies registered. At the same time, it is reported that tax authorities interact "with foreign companies, payments from which have not yet been received."

    " Google tax", Or rather, the law on the payment of VAT on the sale of electronic services was adopted by State Duma deputies last summer. The authors of the law were two deputies: Andrei Lugovoi and Vladimir Parakhin. They believe that foreign companies operating in the Russian Federation should pay taxes in the same way as domestic ones. According to the servants of the law, companies like Google and Apple, not obeying the norms of the tax legislation of the country, have an unfair advantage over domestic companies.

    Many companies have agreed to register and pay taxes. But a number of others refused, as a result of which their activities became impossible in the country.

    In April, the Ministry of Finance of Russia clarified the law, tellingthat the paid use of software from the sites of foreign companies is not planned to be taxed on Google. Thus, if a domestic company works with an Internet service like Office 365 or any other, you do not need to pay tax.

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