The Russians offered to throw off the lunar program for 21 000 rubles. per person

    Former Director of the Department of Manned Space Systems of the United Rocket and Space Corporation (2014–2016) and Director of the Department of Commercial Projects in the Field of Manned Cosmonautics and Space Research (2016–2017) Valentin Uvarov expressed the idea of how Russia can catch up with the United States in space exploration. The expert wrote an article in the newspaper "Izvestia", where he offers the whole world to come back for the implementation of the lunar program at 21,000 rubles from each Russian or 120 rub. per month based on the implementation of the program in 15 years.

    Here are the calculations Uvarova:
    The complex of work that must be carried out during the implementation of the Russian national lunar program, including the development and manufacture of space technology, as well as regular flights to the Moon and back, is estimated at $ 30 billion over 15 years. Ideally, it is necessary to create and constantly operate a station in orbit of a natural satellite of the Earth. This is not less than $ 8 billion.

    In terms of the current exchange rate, we get about 2.15 trillion rubles. Question: where to get this money - especially in the current situation? And what if we divide this gigantic amount, for example, by 100 million people. It turns out for 21 500 rubles per person. Dividing by 15 years, we get 120 rubles per month. It seems a little, but if you impose a "lunar damnation" on the population, then you can expect a reaction in the spirit of "Boston tea drinking".

    What will get a simple Russian, if he decides to donate money to the "lunar fund"? Valentina Uvarova has the answer to this question:
    The first thing our astronauts will do when they land on the moon is to deliver a container with a hard disk with the names of all who contributed. And on Earth on a special site their names will be broadcast around the clock.
    Currently, Roscosmos is cooperating with NASA in preparation for the creation of the near-moon station Deep Space Gateway. But Valentine Uvarov believes that the Americans "can at any time take unilateral actions without looking at their partners." Therefore, Russia must rely solely on its own strength.

    Uvarov emphasizes that participation in such a national project should be entirely voluntary and a public counter should be installed and monitored “how the amount of funds in our account grows and how much has already been spent”. The expert suggests “to create a board of chief designers and other working bodies. Naturally - from professionally literate people. ” In addition, we will have to create a separate national program, a special body to manage funds, for example, our National Space Council. ” Obviously, as the author of the idea, Valentin Uvarov should head this National Council.

    Earlier, Uvarov had expressed the idea of leaving the Deep Space Gateway project in order “not to help Washington in creating an“ American window ”for penetrating deep space and the moon.”

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