Russia remains in the top ten countries with the cheapest mobile traffic

    Information and analytical agency Content Review has published the results of a study of the cost of mobile Internet in 50 countries around the world. Russia still holds the position among the countries with the cheapest traffic. However, in connection with the costs of infrastructure and the "Spring Law" next year, operators' tariffs may rise, Kommersant reports .

    In December 2018, the cost of 1 GB of traffic in Russia dropped to 55.5 rubles. (half a year ago it was 65.2 rubles.), while the world average cost of a gigabyte is 269.3 rubles. translated into rubles.

    The cheapest internet among 50 surveyed countries:

    1. Romania - 9.2 rubles. per gigabyte
    2. Poland - 22.8 rubles,
    3. India - 23.9 rubles,
    4. Kazakhstan - 39.0 rubles,
    5. Egypt - 42.6 rubles,
    6. Israel - 43.2 rub.,
    7. Pakistan - 47.8 rubles,
    8. Russia - 55.5 rubles,
    9. Iran - 71.2 rubles,
    10. Algeria - 75.5 rubles.

    The most expensive:

    47. South Korea - 659.8 rubles,
    48. United Arab Emirates - 769.2 rubles,
    49. Canada - 1137.1 rubles,
    50. Switzerland - 1179.7 rubles.

    Thus, it is much more profitable to use mobile Internet in Russia than in Canada and Switzerland. In fact, traffic is about 20 times cheaper.

    For calculation, tariffs and options were taken with the included traffic from 4 GB and higher. In each of the countries, up to four major operators were selected, the final calculations used the average cost of a gigabyte, converted into rubles at the exchange rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation for December 22, 2018.

    Experts note that “unlimited” tariffs are present only in a small number of countries, and in the case of “unlimited” rates, it is limited both by the amount of traffic available at maximum speed and by access speed.

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