Google went around "Yandex" on the audience in RuNet

    Measured monthly audience in major cities

    For many years, Russia remained one of the few countries in the world in which Google was not search engine number 1. But the situation is gradually changing. Largely due to the mobile audience, Google has improved its position in recent years, and in April 2016 for the first time overtook Yandex by at least one indicator: by the monthly audience in major cities , it follows from TNS statistics .

    In April 2016, the Russian audience of Google in major cities of the Russian Federation amounted to 20.5 million people, “Yandex” - 20.4 million.

    In the third place, with an audience of 19.3 million.

    In the daily audience, Yandex is still in first place on the Runet: 12.3 million people, in second place is Vkontakte (12.1 million), and Google is third (11 million).

    The TNS sample included an audience of 12-64 years in cities with a population of more than 700 thousand people. According to the survey results, in these cities, 87% of the population periodically use the Internet, daily - 78.2%.

    According to objective statistics Liveinternet, the search engine "Yandex" gives much more clicks to the sites of the Runet than Google .

    According to Yandex and third-party analysts, the key factor behind Google’s growth in Russia is control over the Android operating system. In this connection, Yandex took active steps: filed a complaintin the Federal Antimonopoly Service. FAS found Google guilty and will soon determine the amount of the fine.

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