The first neurosurgical operation with the participation of a robot was performed in Russia

    Photo: ICTI RAS

    A brain surgery was performed in Moscow the other day, with the participation of a robot, Izvestia writes . The operation was conducted by specialists from the Emergency Research Institute. N. Century Sklifosovsky. Surgeons operated on a 37-year-old patient with a complex localization of a tumor in the deep parts of the brain.

    Doctors completed the operation an hour after the start. The volume of the affected areas of the brain did not allow doctors to conduct an open surgery on the brain - this would be extremely dangerous for the health and life of the patient.

    To plan a course of treatment, experts decided to take a sample of tissue to examine it and prescribe an individual course. They decided to carry out the operation with the help of a robot.

    “Its feature is high precision of operation, low trauma and safety. This robot, together with other methods, allows reaching very thin and poorly accessible formations of the brain and taking a sample. In Russia, such an operation was carried out for the first time, ”representatives of the metropolitan department reported.

    Before the operation, the patient underwent computed and magnetic resonance imaging in order to correctly calculate the point of penetration. A person cannot carry out such an operation on his own - the slightest trembling of a hand, a deviation of 1-2 millimeters could cause severe bleeding and cause critical damage.

    “The tumor is located deep in the brain, that is, we have to go through healthy parts of the brain. We should not damage the center, which is responsible for the movement, we should not damage the vessels with which the brain is richly intersected. We have to go around all these structures, penetrate the tumor, take the tumor from the safest place, ”said neurosurgeon Andrei Grin.

    At the beginning of the operation, a pad was attached to the patient's head for mounting the robot. The doctors loaded the coordinates of the point of entry into the system and began work.

    Director of the Institute of emergency care to them. N. V. Sklifosovsky Sergei Petrikov said that in the future such operations are planned to be carried out regularly.

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