Yandex launched sales of a smart column Yandex.Station

    Yandex has announced the start of sales of its smart speaker, which is called Yandex.Station . One of the elements of this system is the voice assistant “Alice”. According to company representatives, it will only be possible to buy a gadget at the start in the company's store and museum. One buyer will not be able to purchase more than two devices, as reported by Vedomosti.

    Unfortunately, it is not yet known how many devices are shipped - the company does not provide detailed information. Before buying, gadget lovers will be given the opportunity to try out the column in action. In particular, users will be able to turn on the music, chat with the voice assistant, watch the video.

    In a few days, the company will give the opportunity to purchase a smart column either directly through Yandex.Market or in the Beru online store. The price of the gadget is 9990 rubles. True, the shipment in the case of purchase in the online store is not instant. Yandex promises to deliver the column to any point in Russia within about 90 days after purchase.


    As for the characteristics of the device, the sound volume is about 50 watts. Music can be played both locally and through various services, including Yandex.Music. In addition, the gadget can work with video content services such as "Kinopoisk", ivi and "Amediatek." The station buyer receives a subscription for a period of three months for Amediateku, for two months on and another annual subscription for Yandex.Music and Kinopoisk.

    The gadget is able to recognize speech, it uses its own development of the company - Yandex IO technology. In order to work with sound without problems, the company equipped the device with seven microphones. This allows you to hear the voice of the owner even in a very noisy room.

    For those who want to be able to control the functions of the speaker, it is possible to turn off the microphones at the physical level.

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