The maximum delivery time for AliExpress to Russia is promised to be reduced to 10 days.

    Good news for those who shop at Chinese online stores. From November 11, 2017, AliExpress reduces the maximum delivery time for goods to the Russian Federation. Instead of the previous 45 days, it will now be 10 days, a company spokesman said in a comment to the Kommersant publication.

    Russia is one of the main markets for AliExpress, so the Chinese platform intends to significantly optimize the chain of processes from placing an order to sending a package to Russian Post. Today, due to non-optimized processes, the average delivery time is 30 days, and even more in the New Year period.

    Apparently, the declared period of “10 days” corresponds to the time from placing the order to transferring it to the “Post of Russia”.

    What optimizations are planned by AliExpress:

    1. Collection of goods in its own warehouses in China . Goods are taken from the manufacturer in advance, and placing an order from the warehouse begins immediately after it is paid by the customer. The same model uses, for example, eBay.
    2. Control of the entire delivery process through its own logistics company Cainiao (part of the Alibaba group).
    3. Launch of charter flights to Russia. AliExpress’s own cargo flights will deliver Russian orders to Russia. The agreement has already been reached with a number of airlines that are ready to provide the required number of aircraft. Among them is the largest Russian cargo airline AirBridgeCargo. In addition, delivery is organized on Tu-204-100C airplanes of the Post of Russia (contractor Aviastar-Tu).

    In practice, the actual delivery time of the order will depend on the region of Russia. For example, in Moscow the goods can go longer than fly from China to Russia. In other regions, orders can be sorted out faster.

    The volume of purchases in Chinese online stores is growing every year. Last year, Russians ordered 30 kilotons of packages and small packages.

    As already noted, AliExpress optimizes only the delivery time of the order to the customs control zone, and then the “Mail of Russia” system comes into effect. It can significantly increase the actual delivery time. It all depends on the promptness of the staff of the sorting centers, the customs clearance area and local post offices.

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