In Russia, developed a "James Bond small suitcase" with a GSM jammer

    Powerful portable jammer suppresses the signal in all ranges

    United Instrument-Making Corporation (DIC), which is part of Rostec, presented its latest development, the James Bond case . Or, according to the official nomenclature, “a small-sized jammer for the hidden protection of dignitaries and certain groups of people.”

    “The equipment is capable of blocking communication and control lines in all bands, including the GSM network, and also prevents the triggering of radio-controlled explosive devices within a radius of several tens of meters,” say the developers.

    It is reported that the equipment can be used to ensure the safe movement of the first persons of the state and prevent terrorist acts in crowded places. The suitcase blocks radio signals that can trigger a detonation of an explosive device, including during demining of a charge by sappers.

    The use of such devices by civilians is prohibited in many countries of the world, including the United States, European Union countries, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, India and many others . For example, in the USA, a financial analyst was recently convicted, who for several years carried a portable jammer with five antennas on a train.because the people on the phone were annoyed and disturbed to think - a kind of life hacking for geeks. The person with jammer was photographed by passengers, and the photo was distributed online.

    With the 63-year-old Russian briefcase, Dennis Nicoll would have gone unnoticed.

    In Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, the use of GSM jammers is not prohibited by law. It is planned to use them in schools during the exam. On the Internet, you can find specialized online stores that sell such devices. Unlike standard devices, the new OPK product has an advantage: the transmitter was initially disguised in a small attache case, so it is easily transported and does not attract the attention of unauthorized people.

    “In addition, the transmitter is designed to combat unauthorized access to confidential data. During closed negotiations, the product “covers with a cap” the entire premises, blocking the action of listening devices and preventing information leakage, ”the press release of the defense complex said.

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