Moscow chose a city Wi-Fi operator, it is obliged to install a DPI traffic filtering system

    The Maxima Telecom company, which operates in the Moscow metro, has won a tender for the provision of a single urban Wi-Fi operator.

    The tender for 149.5 million rubles. provides for the mandatory introduction of a system of in-depth traffic analysis DPI, modeled on a system that operates in China. Such a system will more effectively block Telegram and sites banned in Russia. According to the terms of reference, Maxima Telecom should provide for the collection, storage, analysis of monitoring data and user traffic using Big Data and DPI technologies, as well as provide reports to the authorities.

    The mayor's office said that it was necessary "to predict the socio-economic development of the city."

    In addition to Maxima Telecom, the operator Netbynet (controlled by Megafon) participated in the competition, but he requested a larger amount for his services: 160.6 million rubles.

    The free network “City Wi-Fi” has more than 15 thousand points. Earlier, various companies acted as communication and communication contractors: Prestige-Internet (part of Er-Telecom Holding), Akado, MGTS and Vimpelcom.

    The city network is represented in different areas of Moscow: within the Garden Ring, in crowded places within the Third Transport Ring, capital parks, libraries, houses of culture, museums, the MosKino movie theater network and university dormitories. Network characteristics from the official website:

    • the total channel capacity of the network allows providing access to the Internet at the same time up to 55 thousand users;
    • work in two frequencies (2.4 and 5 GHz);
    • speed per user - at least 1 Mbps;
    • high quality video;
    • each access point provides connectivity up to 50 meters;
    • at the same time up to 50 devices can be connected to one point;
    • the duration of one session is not limited.

    There is no information about DPI on the official website.

    A single operator will potentially be able to build and integrate an existing network of up to 25 thousand access points. They will be taken from current operators and given to a new one. Under the terms of the contract, work should be completed in the first half of 2020.

    Maxima Telecom will unite all Moscow public Wi-Fi networks on its MT_FREE platform, and the total number of access points in its network will be more than 40 thousand.

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