Opened photo archive "The History of Russia in Photos"

    Yuri Gagarin and Ernesto Che Guevara, November 11, 1964 Photo: Akhlomov Viktor Vasilyevich, MAMM / MDF

    On June 12, 2016, with the participation of Yandex, the Multimedia Art Museum and the Department of Culture of the city of Moscow, the official launch of a very interesting scientific project “ History of Russia in Photographs ”- an extensive photo bank that allows a wide audience to get acquainted with historical photographs. In contrast to the official textbooks and the state ideology, there is no assessment of historical events. These are just photos. Feasts and household photos, essays on the everyday life of enterprises and military photo chronicles, attractions and photos of the everyday life of cities and villages.

    Everyone thinks what conclusions to make from what he saw.

    Children of Nicholas II collect donations in favor of a charitable society to combat consumption on the White Flower Day, April 20, 1912 Photo: Unknown author, Central State Archive of Cinema and Photo Documents of St. Petersburg

    “The purpose of the portal is to combine photos from museums, archives and private collections on one site, giving users access to them and the opportunity to participate in the replenishment of the virtual photo chronicle. Already, more than 70,000 photos are available on the site, from the mid-19th to the end of the 20th century. Many of these images are published for the first time, ”the official press release said .

    Vladimir Lenin visiting Maxim Gorky on the island of Capri, April - December 1908.Photo: Unknown Author, Russian State Archive of Social and Political History

    The photo archive contains professional and amateur photos taken in Russia from 1860 to 1999: these are museum collections, photo libraries of organizations, newspapers and magazines, and personal collections.

    At the moment the collection contains 70,763 photos. The project organizers hope that citizens will take an active part in replenishing the collection. So far, users have not uploaded any photos to the site. 111 museums and collectors

    took part in thecollection.

    Construction of the main building of Moscow State University. Komsomol facing persons - students of the school for working youth. Left with a camera - correspondent Yakov Khalip, 1951. Umnov Yevgeny, “Photo Union” Agency

    From the existing photo collection, each site visitor can compile separate collections (exhibitions) that receive a separate address and are entered into the “ Exhibitions ” section . Now 13 collections are represented there, such as “ Soviet Romance ”, “ Faces of Culture ”, “ Regulatory Window ”, “The Great Turning ” (from food growth to forced collectivization: the story of the transformation of the Russian peasant into a collective farmer), “ Weekdays of the era of stagnation ”, “ Gagarin ".

    A. Alekhin and Kh. R. Capablanca at a chess tournament, 1914. Steinberg Yakov, Central State Archive of Film and Photo Documents of St. Petersburg

    User participation in the project is not limited to adding photos and compiling. Visitors can also refine the attribution of photos, write comments (after registration ).

    Granary in an orthodox temple, 1920s. Photo: Unknown Author, G. A. Maximova

    's Collection “We invite users to take part in the reconstruction, preservation and popularization of our visual history, where everyone’s personal experience is integrated into the general history of Russia. We need a photo chronicle of Russian history so that, identifying ourselves with the past, we can better understand the present and build the future, ” said Olga Sviblova, director of the Multimedia Art Museum.

    Farewell to Yuri Gagarin and Vladimir Seregin in the Central House of the Soviet Army. Valentina Tereshkova, March 30, 1968 Photo: Nikolai Nikolayevich Filippov, MAMM / MDF

    “I want people to join this project and together we will make this work even more accurate, correct and historically correct,” said Alexander Kibovsky, head Department of Culture of Moscow.

    A soldier of the company of the Palace grenadiers at the monument to Emperor Nicholas I on Isaakievskaya Square, 1900-1903. Photo: Bulla Karl Photography Studio, Central State Archive of Cinema and Photographic Documents of St. Petersburg

    On each page with a photo of its owner (museum, archive, photographer, private collector, etc.). Thus, a platform is created for communications between museums, archives, private collectors and users, the developers say.

    New models of cotton padded jackets for rural workers, 1953. Photo: Valentin K. Khukhlaev, MAMM / MDF

    The photos in the archive are searched for by author, chronology, geographic labels, personalities, and a keyword. Now the portal contains more than 10,000 tags and dozens of thematic categories . Some of the photos are mapped by geotagging .

    Physiologist Ivan Pavlov with staff and a group of students at the Military Medical Academy before demonstrating experiments on the transmission of conditioned reflexes, 1910s. Photo: Bulla Karl Photography Studio, Central State Archive of Film and Photographic Documents of St. Petersburg

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