Lecture "Heavenly mechanics without a single formula"

    The physics of orbital flights is not intuitive. Sometimes you need to slow down to catch up, or spend fuel, accelerating to hang. How satellites or manned spacecraft fly is not always clear, but in order to virtually try, you have to decide to overcome a rather high threshold of entry. My new lecture - “Heavenly mechanics without a single formula” is trying to solve two problems - it is easy and understandable to explain how spacecraft fly and to make the process of becoming a virtual space pilot easier.

    As usual, the presentation for the lecture is available in ODP format for download.

    On the Orbiter tag a large series of materials with flights to your taste - from simple observation of how automation flies to complex flights.

    Very beautiful shots of the first approach of the manned vehicles Gemini 6 and 7

    Record of the docking of the "Union" with the ISS

    And the explanation of some issues of convergence and docking in the film of the European Space Agency with the translation of Alpha Centauri

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