Android Academy in Moscow: Advanced Course

    Hello! Summer is a great time of year. Google I / O, Mobius and AppsConf have come to an end, and many students have already closed or are about to finish taking sessions, everyone is ready to exhale and enjoy the warmth and sun.

    But not us!

    We have been preparing for this moment for a long time and trying to complete our work on projects and projects, to accumulate strength in order to finally get back to you with the news: Android Academy is returning to Moscow.

    UPD from 5.07: Friends, registration has been completed and closed. But lectures will definitely be posted on the channel , subscribe and wait for the video. And in the telegram channel with the news there will be announcements of future lectures, subscribe so as not to miss the next!

    And under the cut, we will tell you what awaits you this year.

    The new stage of the Android Academy school of mobile development starts on July 25, in the Avito office, at 19:00 . We already met you last summer, reported on the results of the Fundamentals course , and now we want to share plans for this year.

    The new course is called Advanced, and in it we will tell you things that, from our point of view, need to be known to every competent specialist.

    Why are we even doing this?

    I think that all of you know the feeling of satisfaction when you have given everything 100% and look at the result of your work. And it’s doubly nice when you gave your best, and the result did not go to the table, did not become just another KPI. When this result is slightly, but improved something that is important to you. It is important for us to develop the android community in Russia, so that more developers appear who understand the importance of communicating with each other and know where they can come for the exchange of experience and knowledge. This is important because not everyone has mentors or senior comrades who can help them in their development.

    Personally, I still really like to help other people understand something new. I am very interested in the process of cognition, and, helping others to understand something, I hear questions that I myself would not ask. I have to formulate in words what I think I know. It helps to find weaknesses and understand what I really know and what not.

    In addition, it was wildly interesting to watch how people grow, what is interesting to them, just to communicate and make friends. It was very cool when my students got a job at Yandex, and I am very proud of them. But besides this, I am proud of everyone who was with us, came to lectures, participated in a hackathon. We all did a great job together, and it is a great joy to be part of such a powerful team.

    And the best part is that not only we feel it. Here are some of the reviews we collected after the lectures:

    Everything is so cool that I can’t even believe it!

    The course is great! Maximum useful information for a limited period of time. It is especially valuable that the relevance of the information was pulled right in real time (the same transition to androidx, for example), and not about some already obsolete technologies (and if they were, it was only for general information, and warning about their obsolescence or imperfection )

    Thanks again to everyone for the course! And I look forward to continuing it :)))

    We will wait for new lectures from you:>

    You are just super! Everything is very cool, I never cease to admire your altruism and energy. Thank you very much for being there.

    Of course, not everything is so rosy, we also have useful critical reviews that we will try to take into account this year. In particular, we’ll add more interactivity (:

    If last year you wanted to participate, but for some reason you couldn’t, then this year there is a chance to try again! But keep in mind that this year the course will be more difficult and to get benefit, you need to already understand android to some extent.

    What awaits you

    This year the course will consist of 6 lectures of 1.5 hours every 2-3 weeks. Based on the results of heated discussions, compiling tables on the importance / interest and a survey of students last year, we selected the following topics for the course program.

    • Advanced multithreading
    • Optimizations
    • Advanced & Secure Networking
    • Advanced architecture
    • DI: How to and why
    • Android internals

    Unlike the course of last year, there will be no homework, but there will be more interactivity during the lectures themselves - questions not only from you, but also from the lecturers to you, small tests to control yourself, discussions.


    The course will run from mid-July to late October. Avito again invites us to his first three lectures, and we will tell you about the locations of the second half of the course in the process.

    All lectures are held offline, but our communication does not end there - for participants there is a place for online communication. This year we decided to move to Telegram, and a channel with announcements and chat for communication and questions is open for you .

    For whom

    The Advanced course of the year will be more specialized than Fundamentals, and we will in-depth talk about things that it is important to know for a developer who continues to develop.

    Therefore, we expect from you that:

    • you have already written one or several of your applications or are working as a junior and want to develop further,
    • you know what architecture is in programming, what you need it for, you know why and how to divide architecture into layers,
    • or you have taken the Android Fundamentals course and want to continue learning.

    Who we are

    Jonathan Levin,

    Startupist to the core. Founder of the Global Android Academy and community leader. Jonathan leads mobile development at the fast-growing startup In the past, he headed a startup in the field of genetics, and before that he was Android Tech Lead at Gett from almost the foundation. She loves to speak around the world and share her knowledge in the field of entrepreneurship, mobile development and life in general;)

    Alexey Bykov, Revolut

    Has been involved in android development since 2016. Currently an android developer at Revolut. Often attends thematic conferences and meetings, sometimes as a speaker. Included in the program committee of the AppsConf conference.

    Alexander Blinov, HeadHunter

    Head of android-direction in the group of companies Headhunter. Editor and host of Android Dev Podcast. Engaged in Android development since 2011. He made presentations at many conferences, including Mobius, Dump, Droidcon Moscow, Appsconf, Mosdroid, Devfest in various cities of Russia.

    For Alexander, the development of a team, company and android community is very important. He says to himself that every day he wakes up with the thought: "What can I improve today?"

    Dmitry Movchan, Kaspersky

    Develops for Android since 2016, graduated from Moscow State Technical University. Bauman and the two-year program "System Architect" in the Technopark from At the moment, he is an anti-virus developer for Android in Kaspersky (Kaspersky Internet Security for Android). Recently, he became interested in performances, among which there are speeches at conferences Mobius, AppsConf, Kaspersky Android Night.

    Alyona Manyukhina, Yandex

    I have been developing for Android since 2015. In 2016, she graduated from the School of Mobile Development in Yandex, where I have been working since then in the team. In 2017-18. I participated in NSR as a mentor and lecturer, and last year I happened to join the Android Academy team in the same roles. At Academy, I was attracted by the drive, the same as it was in the CMR, only for more people! It is very cool.

    Pavel Strelchenko, HeadHunter

    Developed for Android since 2015. At he is engaged in supporting basic applications, as well as developing internal tools. He is interested in developing plugins for Android Studio, application architecture issues, and neural networks.

    Sergey Garbar, Go Lama

    Developed for Android since 2013. For a long time he worked in outsourcing companies, now he is engaged in product development in golama (applications for customers and couriers). I started with desktop applications in Java (yes, there are such ones too!), But one day I decided to write an “reminder” application for Android for myself and could not stop.

    How to join

    Registration is available here . If you’ve already mastered Android development and are ready to study further, or want to check how well you know the topics from the program, or just want to have a good time in the developer community, we are waiting for you at Academy!

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