Digital events in Moscow from July 01 to July 07

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    Pioner Talks with Andrei Makarevich

    • July 01 (Monday)
    • Crimean shaft vl2
    • is free
    • On July 1, a meeting with musician and writer Andrei Makarevich will be held at the summer cinema Pioneer in Muzeon on the occasion of the release of his new book, The Ostracons, by AST. The curator of the public program of the Pioneer, Sergei Sdobnov, will ask Andrei Makarevich about his work and his civil position in a situation where you have to react to almost any statement or action of the authorities.

    Open source database meetup

    • July 01 (Monday)
    • Leningradsky pr 39st79
    • is free
    • “10 Things a Developer Should Know About Databases” - Peter Zaitsev, CEO, Percona
      • “ProxySQL 2.0, or How to Help MySQL Deal with High Workloads” - Vladimir Fedorkov, Lead Consultant, ProxySQL
      • “Tarantool: now with SQL” - Kirill Yukhin, Engineering Team Lead, Tarantool, Mail.Ru Group

    Yandex School of Managers

    • July 01 (Monday)
    • Tolstoy 16
    • is free
    • This is a project for those who are just starting their journey in creating IT products and managing them. We bring together managers, marketers and analysts in working on Yandex products.

    Building team work processes to create a game

    • July 02 (Tuesday)
    • Mira 123b
    • is free
    • As part of the lecture, we will consider important processes for working on a project, namely: defining a product concept and choosing a product owner, selecting a team, distributing roles in a team and choosing a SCRUM wizard, compiling a backlog and working with it, assessing tasks and planning sprint. In addition, we will touch upon topics such as key rituals in work, evaluation of results, happiness and motivation.

    Free webinar "Effective real estate marketing: how to increase revenue 3 times"

    • July 03 (Wednesday)
    • online
    • is free
    • On July 3, at 11:00 a free webinar “Effective Real Estate Marketing: How to Increase Revenue 3 Times” will be held. The organizers are Calltouch and Promotion Realty.
      In one hour, you will learn how to correctly redistribute the budget for advertising, attract the right audience, reduce the cost of contacting your company, increase conversion rates and not sag in the low season. You will also have the opportunity to participate in the discussion and ask speakers questions.
      Come, it will be interesting and productive.

    B2B dating

    • July 04 (Thursday)
    • Vyatka 27st13
    • is free
    • We invited experts to the meeting, together with whom we will discuss how to make a B2B-selling website, what to consider in the marketing strategy and what programs to offer partners.
      After the event, we will exchange impressions in the atmospheric bar Collider - we promise delicious food, hookah, signature cocktails and good company.

    Digital MeetRoom

    • July 04 (Thursday)
    • Forest 20st5
    • is free
    • Another Meetroom in a new fashionable place - Kotelnaya bar! Many of you have already been there. We also liked Kotelnaya, so the next party will be here. The bar is located on Lesnaya Street, in a cluster near the Depot.
      The Meetroom team continues to create a friendly atmosphere for high-quality electronic music vibes. This time all DJs are colleagues from the digital world. Meetroom residents will be joined by our friends from the Ornament DJ community, Rustam Jazzis and Mike Tsu.

    Panda Meetup # 22 Frontend

    • July 06 (Saturday)
    • Forest 7
    • is free
    • Mitap is dedicated to the features of Frontend development.
      Presentations will be made by experts from major companies. They will share experience from real projects. The program contains only technical reports from developers and team leaders of frontend teams.

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